Our Second Go-Round at the San Diego Fringe

In just a few days, we’ll be in the beautiful city of San Diego, gearing up for our first of five performances at the Lyceum Theater. When we attended the San Diego Fringe in 2014 with our show Beau & Aero, we won an award for Outstanding Physical Theater. It’s one of our favorite fringes, and a place where we’ve made many lasting #Fringeships . This year, we’re excited to present our new show Bella Culpa to the lovely SD audiences, and are honored to have the ridiculously fun job of being the ones to playfully kick performers offstage when their time is up during the two minute previews. It’s gearing up to be a great tour! #BellaCulpa #BeauAndAero #Awards #SDFringe16 #FringeBuzz #BuzzBuzz #WPGFringe #YYCFringe #YEGFringe #VANFringe #YYJFringe