My My How Time Flies

Wow, apparently we haven’t updated this blog in the last year, BUT for good reason! We’ve been busy with shows – both touring and creating. Well, we’re once again back from our summer tour! This season we toured a brand new version of Beau & Aero, with exciting new props, plot twists, and silly nonsense. Thanks to everyone who cam out to see Beau & Aero: Crash Landing! We had a blast.

We’re returning with 5 new awards including one REALLY EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! The San Diego International Fringe Festival selected us to receive a touring scholarship which will send us to Wellington, New Zealand for the New Zealand Fringe Festival in March! Wahoo! As we prepare for this epic trip south, we also have another show brewing.

Prepare to be shocked, thrilled, tickled, and amazed… this will be unlike anything we’ve done before!

Stay tuned…