Bella Culpa


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Bella Culpa

A Little Bit Off's newest original work, Bella Culpa is a slapstick comedy that follows two peculiar servants in an Edwardian manor as they bustle around, trying in vain to complete all of their chores. With a mess of silver buckets, a slew of uninvited furry guests, and impressive circus-style acrobatic flair, this off-beat comedy will leave everyone chortling. Like Downton Abbey Meets The Three Stooges.


Patrons' Pick - Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival 2016

Patron's Pick - Orlando Fringe Festival 2016

Best New Producer - Orlando Fringe Festival 2016

Artists Choice - San Diego International Fringe Festival 2016

Spirit of the Fringe - San Diego International Fringe Festival 2016

Artists Pick - San Diego International Fringe Festival 2016

Favorite Duo - Victoria Fringe Festival 2016

Critical Acclaim

"Heck of a lot of fun...winningly offbeat"
- The Orlando Sentinel
(Orlando Sentinel's Pick of the Fringe 2016)

"They know how to think on their feet. Get off your sofa and go see them."
- San Diego Story

"The two actors work together symbiotically and surprisingly and have wonderfully expressive faces and amazingly limber bodies."
- San Diego Tribune

"If only the whole world could be run with such polished dignity and mindless joy."
- San Diego Story